A Man with A Mac. Fun ☺

I think I like to use HTML emoji code in the headline because I know that when it crosses over to my Facebook Page, it shows up as html code not the image that shows up on the web. I heartthat thinking as a little fun with visitors.

Things are going well. Business is good and so far (knock on wood…) I only have happy customers. I have a few that are very, very slow to deliver content to finish their sites but overall, things are going well. That’s a nice place to be as a WordPress Developer, Consultant and Entrepreneur!

WordPress Developer CodeSmith

I’ve enjoyed the ways I’ve spent working in long spurts during my life. I’ve had bad times that ended up being good because of the people with me who plowed through to the next stage with me. I’ve recently also had good times that were an end game failure but without any of duplicity, disloyalty and disaffection that I’ve seen at other times in my life. The years 2004 to 2011 were the worst, I mean the pits! angry

But these days are pretty damn cool. It’s PDG to control the product and the marketing!

Nothing special here, just some rambling early morning thoughts before plunging back into some interesting WP Code – oh btw, “Type Hinting” is a neat thing hero