Blogging for Search “Find-ability”

Yep. I’ve said it. Almost every credible SEO discussion says it: “A site has to blog almost daily to get any kind of recognition from Google.” But this leads to some really silly stuff. And I think I subscribe to most of it. confused I got into the subscriptions by the same old hook “sign up for free insights into being successful with WordPress”. nice

I will admit that I pick up a few tidbits. But geez – so much of it is just a rehash of the same links. Well, I’m not going to go down that path. I’m tempted like it is a bowl of delicious WordPress strawberries and cream…..

temptation like a bowl of WordPress Strawberries

But I have to hold constant and try to – generally – blog substance. Which, of course, this post is not. 😉

yo google I am blogging with wordpress
Yo Google! I get it. And I am blogging with WordPress