Bringing Easier to Use Themes to Non-Technical Users

I’m excited about bringing easier to use themes to non technical users. The work I’m doing for my first clients is mostly child theme stuff and I’m learning that most “free” themes seem to be designed so that users need to “Pro-Up” or hire a developer to make them really work well. Or I’m learning that guides that supposedly show you how to write a new theme include very bad advice. Since I’m doing a lot with Bootstrap, I went back and did Chapter 3 in Bootstrap Blueprints which takes you through making the work done in Chapter 2 into a WordPress Theme. It ends with things looking great – but then try to add another page. Ooops. Error city! Aha – great opportunity to learn more about working with other people’s WordPress themes!

They rename base.php into base-page-home.php. That works fine for the home page they teach you to make, but when you try to make a new page using a different template – error city. Why? Because in Lib>wrapper.php you find this code

 // Stores the base name of the template file; e.g. 'page' for 'page.php' etc.
  static $base;

  public function __construct($template='base.php') {
    $this->slug = basename($template, '.php');
    $this->templates = array($template);
    if (self::$base) {
      $str = substr($template, 0, -4);
      array_unshift($this->templates, sprintf($str . '-%s.php', self::$base));

Yep. If you rename base.php, the Theme cannot find any other template. Should that be an old fashioned LOL? Not if you are a non-technical user – then it is a 🙁