There are so many “Donald Trumps” in SEO Promotion

I don’t normally publicly slam sites but this site (IMHO) begs for an exception:

I found an article that I considered really good and relevant for SEO in 2016 on his site, And I’ve share it with a number of my clients.

Somewhere I made some kind of mistake – maybe it was just living – but Facebook picked up my interest in so I got this ad in my feed.

backlinko fb ad crap

It’s been a while but I vaguely  remembered some interest so I click on through!

OUCH ?  – I signed up in order to get the scoop!

Since he protects this worthless video unless you sign up, I will not post the (no login required) link to the unadulterated crap that he shares – because what you generally get from these sites, for free, is unadulterated crap. I’ll just post the screenshot.

backlinko crap

REMEMBER, this is my OPINION, you and perhaps thousands of others may find this valuable information. Me? I’ll unsubcribe and never share the original link with my clients again because I don’t direct them to sites selling (IMHO) crap.

BTW, FB advertising is generally worthless (to me, IMHO) when I click through. ?