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I was talking to my wife this morning about a couple of recent requests for quotes for WordPress sites. I told her I could easily tell which one would turn out well and which would be be ?. Then she asked me about what percentage of requests turned out to be just BS? I don’t keep count but it is probably 30%.


Why do we WordPress freelancers get BS from 3 in 10 interested in our services? Because so many of these people have heard from “IT Experts” ?  that “Oh WordPress is EASY. Anybody can do it cheap.”.


For instance, I just finished creating a really nice customized site It required:


  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Images by .Me
  • Pages written using Bootstrap CSS
  • Pages using a responsive table
  • HTML5 video and
  • Responsive Plugins


but when he, after seeing the final product, excitedly told a University IT friend, the guy said something like “really, that isn’t hard, it’s WordPress. WordPress is easy”.


It’s amazing. Yet 50% of my clients are very bright, intelligent professionals, often with university degrees all the way up to PhD, MD and JD, who need help with making their WordPress site WOW. They don’t find it easy.


As a result, and I’m only guessing, similar people think it is so easy that difficult sites must be easy. For instance, today I received a request to quote how much it would cost to create a site like a link to the site he gave me. The site was a sophisticated eCommerce site with multiple dynamic sidebars, sliders and long scrolling widget active pages. And the site did not use WordPress. Ouch – I get so much of that. People ask me to make them a site just like some custom Ruby on Rails, Java or ASP website that clearly cost $15,000 to $20,000 or more to code.

Idiot wordpress clients

After I checked it out, I compared it to my Go-To themes with WooCommerce templates. Yeah, I thought, I can create a pretty good structure for the client to add content in under 3 days so maybe $1000 at a minimum. But, if I have to also add the content and code any custom sidebars and widgets, then a week plus so $2500, max.

I had predicted, when I saw the question, that when I responded with a solid estimate, the answer would be “too much”. I was right. Because these people expect nonsense to fit into a sensible WordPress site plan.

Only sense can complete a good website plan, even with an easy site-builder like WordPress. ?

WordPress Client Ignorance results in non-sense.