Garbage: Bluehost & The Mojo Marketplace IMHO, of Course. ?

Client Frustration Makes Me Tired

I had another tutorial with a new client who had installed her theme through the Bluehost Mojo Marketplace install. Ouch 😣 – there was advertising garbage everywhere. The theme had even installed 6 dummy posts and 5 dummy pages. On every page in the dashboard, there was a big banner – Get Professional WordPress Help: $99. 

Yeah, get it because we have messed things up so badly, you now need it. 😜

Die Mojo Marketplace

When I was researching this post, I found this amusing graphic about the Mojo Marketplace.  

The solution is always the same. Spend the client’s $/hour deleting useless plugins, posts and pages to get the point where they have a clean site that is not trying to sell them something 24/7.

I have a list of very good plugins that I always install. But that is another blog post. 

I don’t have anything against Bluehost or Mojo Marketplace. I just get tired of seeing the same client frustration. 

WordPress novice clients deserve better. 

My favorite host is Namecheap. I move new clients there whenever I can! 

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