Child Themes vs Back Then ? Renaming & Editing an Existing WP Theme

Starting the “Right” Way with WP but LOL Today

Kernut Laughing

I’d been using WordPress for years before I started MikeGriffin dot Me but not as a stand alone website. I added it to handwritten sites for my start-ups as the blogging platform for the site. So I got into template, menu and damn-near-everything editing ?  before it was either cool or suggested as a way to learn how to code WordPress. See how you “considered renaming it and making your custom theme in that new directory using the Twenty Fourteen theme as a starter theme. This is a good way to get started with theme creation as it helps you dive into the internals of how a theme works.” In Williams, Brad; Damstra, David; Stern, Hal (2015-01-06). Professional WordPress: Design and Development (Kindle Locations 7913-7915). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

On the other hand, today, I see such garbage, aka crap, in client themes where their WP developer did exactly that, that I don’t take that direction with clients. I always use child themes and I’m focusing on really well written parent themes. So many themes are written with crappy code. ?

The beauty of a child theme is that it makes it easy to build extraordinarily beautiful sites quickly and inexpensively on a foundation of solid code. In particular, I like the themes from Shaped Pixels.