Updated OTUS to Mobile Friendly & a Nice Child Theme for Blogging

It’s hard to believe I was so lazy. I got a notice last April 21st that OTUS was NOT mobile friendly. I was still getting more than 3000 unique visitors per day which is more than enough to fund a commercial site that has something to offer. But OTUS had nothing to offer after my developers all crapped out on me. ON THE OTHER HAND I think I went down the wrong path developing an inexpensive BI platform that wasn’t associated with an easy to use web product like WordPress. I was wrong about the market so maybe it was not a bad thing that my developers jumped ship 😉

jump ship

Now I’m actually having fun coding stuff. Back in the days that I worked for CorVu which, if you happen to click on the link is now “Rocket CorVu”, my “prétention à la célébrité” was my “awesome” client site code hacking talent.

OK, I’ll cut this long story short. I updated the old site to feed mikegriffin.me with a new look

otus analytics new site
Otus Analytics new site

and it is completely mobile friendly!

Otus Analytics is mobile friendly
Otus Analytics is mobile friendly