Why Do So Many [Tech Savvy] People Dislike WordPress Sites? something about ugly?

For years – and I mean YEARS – I stubbornly refused to use WordPress as the basis for an entire website. Mostly, I “think”, it was because all of the tech savvy coders I worked with poo-poo’d using WordPress AT ALL but were “OK” with me using it as the Blog medium for our websites. The rest of the site had to be coded from scratch. As you can see, except for this Blog, this mikegriffin.me  site is free standing code. Why? I decided – totally without any reason but my own thoughts – that maintaining the site separately and including WordPress as a Child Theme would demonstrate that I had the basic website coding skills to help clients with more than just understanding how to make their site nicer though WP theme built in GUI tools.

But, at the same time, it is a bit of a residual hangover from those developers’ bias. And it is because, IMHO, so many WordPress sites are simply ugly. Now I can’t just go out and grab a random shot of an ugly WP site. So just imagine that I did and this is the visual impression: 😉

Monster - as Ugly WordPress Site
Visual Impression of an Ugly WordPress Site

Yes – many, many, many WordPress sites are simply ugly. And that is precisely because understanding how to write code has absolutely nothing to do with how to make a site visually appealing. In other words, pretty. And that is what I mean by “Make Good Art” – WordPress Art. Don’t just add code to make a site neat. Hammer the code into something that looks nice – is visually appealing.

Then you will have something

Pretty WordPress Site
Visual Impression of a Pretty WordPress Site