WordPress IS becoming MORE Popular

From before 2000 to the early 20-teens, I was part of the tech crowd who listened to the “good developers” who poopoo’d PHP and WordPress. I was enamored of Java and Ruby on Rails (RoR). When I realized that my startup, OTUS Analytics was going to fail, I started learning how to code myself. First I jumped on RoR and thought I was going to be able to write a nice little app within no time at all. I was wrong. that whole development ecosystem is IMO a bit messed up… or challenging hehe. In other words, it wasn’t for me because I wasn’t going to get good enough to play well in that sandbox. So I started looking at what’s really happening with web development?  And I discovered that “WordPress is used by 24.6% of all the websites, that is a content management system market share of 58.6%. Yeah. And it didn’t appear hard to get pretty good at basic wordpress 😉

Yep. It was time to study WordPress.

Study WordPress
Study WordPress? – Well Not Really Like This Pic 😉

Now here we are writing child themes as well as a few custom themes from scratch and I keep getting affirmations that that was the right decision. I got this link in a Newsletter from WP Mayor today: Why WordPress Development is Getting Popular? And what is the short form of why?

  1. Advanced and Up-to-Date Plugins — YEP!
  2. WordPress is Free to Learn and Use — YEP!
  3. Highly Customizable –Oh Yeah!
  4. WordPress is Mobile Friendly — even without the plugin, he mentions, it’s easy to build themes around Bootstrap!
  5. It Offers High Security – YEP!
  6. Cost-Effectiveness – well, it does start out free 😉
  7. Universal Platform – You should read his comments on this one – not sure that “universal” is the right word for me 😉
  8. Infinite Functionality and Usability – “Infinite” is pretty big but given the thousands of themes and plug-ins, it is finite in a BIG number sense hehe….
  9. Capability to handle Multiple Users at a Time – Yes. But that’s kind of a fundamental requirement of any CMS 🙂

It’s a great read. Hop over to WP Mayor and check it and other great articles out! For me, it is a nice affirmation that I’ve made the right choice for an avocational full time job!

right decision to learn WordPress