WordPress is PDG IMHO ☺ and it didn’t start out that way

I ran across this today. THINGS I WAS UNPREPARED FOR WHEN I FIRST STARTED OUT WITH WORDPRESS. It’s a great read for a Newbie like me who is just starting a WordPress consulting business. I have YEARS of experience USING WordPress and FIXING WordPress as “the blog” portion of websites but not so much as the vehicle for building the whole website. I’m still ambivalent 😕 about this site being a combo of straight up code and WordPress. My “hope” is that the straight up code portion of the site will give prospects confidence that I’m not just a WordPress GUI Implementer – whatever that means 😉 .

OK, the point? In her article, Rachel McCollin makes a big point that reflect my experience before launching my business and represent some of the “why” I didn’t choose to start a business helping people with WordPress earlier!

“There are people out there who hate WordPress, or if they don’t hate it, deride it.” — yes. LOTS of them, including the majority of the “serious” developers I know. I think I was kind of “ashamed” to go public with becoming a WordPress consultant 😕

And then she goes on to affirm a number of the reasons I decided this was exactly where I should be concentrating my efforts.

“It’s Worth Learning the Code…” — actually that is why I decided the “naysayers” were wrong. I had started learning PHP and Rails and saw that WordPress was a great place to be able to use what I’d learned without having to code from scratch. Rails – not so much:-( anywhere, anyplace or anytime [IMHO – to prevent troll bad mouthing of my statement – it’s just and opinion 😉]

“Javascript will become increasingly important as a means of querying the database as well as coding interactions and effects.” — yeah, that is a good thing. And my bet is that it’s gonna be a lot like how much easier it is to use PHP experience and knowledge than coding PHP from scratch. Yeah, I have a little JavaScript experience. My calculator utilites are JavaScript and jQuery 🙂

Yep. unprepared was a really good read for a newbie!