I admit it I LOVE CHILD Theme – ing :-)

I just found this draft post that I started 10.22.15. I’m not sure where I was going with it so I’m going to fill in the blanks from my 1.22.16 perspective and publish it hero

I started off talking about the past where I ‘blindly’ niceused to agree with all the developers I’ve worked with who poopoo’d WordPress – because I was simply stupid about how to code it.

I was kinda clever with this image which I found on https://www.pixabay.com – but since then, it has become kind of a common internet image for stupid. 😉
Simply Stupid about WordPress

Then, I started to talk about “now” that I’m working as a WordPress Consultant…… and I picked this image – which, in retrospect was appropriate. The more I learn, the harder it gets and, yes, at times I’m drowning! 😉

WordPress Logo; in Water

Then I take off down the sublect – and yes, still, I love the cool stuff you can do with child themes.

Except that, in fact, child themes are de facto, the best practice for developing themes for customers.

Then I get into some specifics.

I’m working on a site for a marketing portfolio. The chosen theme had a “choose header” feature, but it was awful so I coded the header in the child theme header.php file…

And that is where the post ended. I think I was going to give some ‘cool’ examples of what I had done. I don’t remember what that was, but LOOK UP Finger UpTHAT is a custom header boring