Calypso – “the more you give away, the more you get back” – Matt Mullenweg

“A lot of people thought we should keep this proprietary, but throughout my life I’ve learned that the more you give away, the more you get back,” Mullenweg said in his announcement.

I like that 🙂 – maybe because the one thing I’ve done well in starting my WordPress Smithy has been giving time away. Not good you may say. BUT the time I give away is the time I spend learning how to do things I didn’t know coming into this venture!

I’ve often read WordPress Developer/Consultants who say the one thing they love about their business is that people pay them to learn. Ouch. Learning, IMHO, should be on my time and not my clients!

That quote was taken from an article on WP Tavern: Early Reviews Show Applications Like Calypso Are the Future of WordPress. And that article also hits on some of the nice stuff coming with the next few versions of WordPress. It’s worth a read!

We all start out as “skill baby’s” learning WordPress. We are better if we give the learning time on new projects away. IMHO hero

baby learning WordPress