WordPress Hello Dolly Plugin

I never thought much about the Hello Dolly plugin before this morning. It clearly didn’t do anything I needed in a WordPress site so I have just been ignoring it – for 6 years! adore

But then today, for no particular reason, I was working on a new plugin and noticed it. I thought, that might be interesting as a smile diversion when I login. So I activated it. The I wondered what percentage of sites activate hello dolly? So I googled that. And the number 1 result? Hello Dolly? Really? That post is  kind of a bummer. It appears a lot of people really don’t like the plugin.

hate the hello dolly plugin

I kinda think it’s a smile for a bit of login fun. Maybe there is one that has even more fun login sayings? Who knows and I’m not going to waste time looking.

And I didn’t go deep enough in the Google search to find out how many sites activate it. boring