Introducing Fast Fix Web Design

Introducing Fast Fix Web Design

fast fix wordpress web design

I’m launching a new Web Design business today, Fast Fix Web Design. has been good to me and I’m not complaining about business, in general. But I’m getting more requests for fixed price fully customized websites. The majority of the developers in that business do custom themes. I could have gone that route but I’ve just seen too much crap developed going that direction. I’ve learned that it is better for the customer if I use a theme from a competent, talented, experienced  FULL TIME theme developer and use a child theme to give the client the site look and functionality they want. A good example is my use of the an Emotions Theme child. Here’s what the Emotions theme looks like without child modifications:

Emotions WordPress Theme

Here’s what ended up looking like after I customized the child theme:

marty walsh dot com banner

It’s 100% the look and functionality that Marty wanted, together with all the bells and whistles of custom page code but the theme is the product of Andre’s decade of theme development experience! And, since Andre only develops themes, he keeps the updated!

So the direction I’m taking with Fast Fix Web Design is the customization of themes developed and maintained by professional theme developers with model sites, like model homes, for clients to choose as an easy starting place.

Check it out:

Fast Fix Web Design