GoDaddy Lies

GoDaddy Lies

During the past 4 months, every bad experience that I’ve had with clients has been when they have chosen GoDaddy as their host. In particular, their stadard hosting with a WordPress install doesn’t support WordPress Sendmail well. I have reached the point where I tell clients up front – I will not help you with GoDaddy email issues -.


I just cancelled an invoice because a client would not pay me because GoDaddy explained that email wasn’t working becaus of “the website design itself and the applications involved (they told me to remove the contact 7 form, etc.). We have been informed from go-daddy that our website has been marked as “spam” throughout the Internet and our e-mails in and out are being blocked in many cases. They can’t explain why we are marked as spam and gave us a list of items to complete before they will even try to fix it.”


Amazing. That was all total bullsh*t. Their website has not been marked as spam and the same website cloned and moved to Namecheap Hosting sends email perfectly well.


I learned early on in this business that dealing with clients like this is a waste of time and energy so I just said they should let GoDaddy fix their site. 


This morning I did a couple of searches and found these current complaints about GoDaddy on In post, after post, you find a variation of this author’s comment “DO NOT USE THESE SLEAZY SCUMBAGS! I PLEAD WITH YOU! YOU WILL ONLY REGRET IT! If I could give negative stars I would.”


Then I found a post on confirming the same negative reviews. 


If you really want to make my day, let me move you from GoDaddy to Namecheap! 😎