Subscriptions to WordPress Blog Crap

Some time ago, I started unsubscribing to every sell-me-something newsletter where I had not made a purchase in six months. Today I’ve started unsubscribing from every WordPress blog where I have not found a useful article in the past six months!

OK angry it is a fact that we all have to blog to stay relevant and our friend hero Google indexes every word of every blog but also, and this is key, indexes clicks to that blog post from newsletter emails. That results in almost everyone having a “newsletter”. No. I’m not going to go there. So when I find something interesting from a search, I give the sites newsletter a try. A few have been really good – but more have been just advertising crap.

WordPress Advertising Blog Crap

Seriously. Or, more politely, as the British say – it’s Rubbish! tease

WordPress Blog Newsletter rubbish