Using Elementor When WordPress Removes the Page Slug from the URL

***UPDATE 8.23.16: This is not a general phenomenon. There are only some hosting site configurations that do not allow Elementor to find
the static front page for editing. If you encounter this, you will need to switch off the static front page
in the Customizer. Then you can edit the page you created in Elementor, save it, and then switch static front page back on.***

WordPress Live and Learn

Clients come and clients go. Some of them go at the first hint that custom coding a knockoff of a website is expensiveI normally zip up the work I’ve done and save it on my local dev drive and in my cloud backup. But today I decided to turn the site into a playground for Elementor and a place to build Elementor Templates.

To keep things clean, I decided to switch from one of my favorite client themes Prelude by Shaped Pixels to a simple theme like TwentySixteen.

When I switched, I tried to edit the static home page with Elementor and I got the same old message covered in my doesn’t work until post. Then I checked the URL and in TwentySixteen, when you select the static home page, it doesn’t use the page slug as part of the URL so Elementor can’t find it.

Solution? Uncheck the static page box and then you can go to the site/page-slug link for that page and use Elementor! Then set it back as the static Front page.

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