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Recently I’ve been amused by the difficulty many WordPress users, often people who make money creating sites, have with “fixing” stuff that isn’t quite right with Elementor. The beauty, to meof Elementor is that it is heavily CSS dependent. The vast majority of the “CSS” is created in the background for the user when the user uses the “Style” and “Advanced” tabs in the widgets. An example of the Text Editor style css generator is on the left. It even gives you the option of including your own CSS classes.

Of course, that doesn’t help a lot if you expect a plugin to do all of the CSS for you. On the other hand, when you’ve been adding Child Style.css customzation to websites, it just makes it easier and faster to do the same with the Elementor tools. But, if you need to change something that you don’t think Elementor does “quite right”, it’s a simple thing to just add your own CSS class!

WordPress Elementor CSS Generator UI