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website-builders that compete with wordpress

Elementor Makes Me Competitive - Nice 😊

Some time ago, I saw that my daughter had put up a website for her sidebusiness. OUCH. I'm in the WordPress Site Business. Why hadn't she come to me? Because she wanted to DO IT ALL HERSELF. So she chose one of those Website Builder SaaS sites where EVERYTHING IS EASY PEASY DRAG AND DROPSY!


I was sceptical when I first read about Elementor. In fact I missed their raison d’etre, “We decided to develop Elementor after working in the WordPress industry for several years. We couldn’t understand why other DIY platforms like Wix, SquareSpace and Weebly offered such great page builder interfaces, and WordPress did not.”

I didn’t even think about those Website builders offering “great page builder interfaces”. All I had heard was that “it really isn’t that easy”. Of course, I was and am completely aware of the WYSIWYG Drag and Drop deficiencies in WordPress pagebuilders. I get paid pretty good $ for cleaning up, maintaining and fixing the stuff that happens with many of them.

Then I started to use Elementor…..

wow! elementor for mike griffin's wordpress sites is awesome

Yeah. That is how I’ve started feeling. So instead of selling just a full typical WordPress site setup and customization, I can template sites and sell the package with a tutorial wrapped into it!


WordPress Website Builder Trainer 

Stunning WordPress Elementor Website Builder Websites. Easier Than Wix Weebly Squarespace, etc etc – on a Premium WordPress Theme

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Elementor Website Builder Fully Templated Site: $99.00
Elementor Templated Premium Site Customized-For-You: $210.00

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