Funny Correlations Between What I Perceive as Political Stupidity and What I Perceive as WordPress Coding Stupidity

Some People.... 🙄

Amuse me. 😝

Once I posted a question on some WordPress tech site. It was probably because, in general, I find the experts on Stackexchange mildly obnoxious. That is not to say they are not talented and genuine experts but just that many of them are obnoxious. So when I posted that question I got nailed by one of those experts because my question wasn’t worth enough for their forum.

So recently I joined some Elementor communities. I love Elementor. It has made me 10x more productive and yet taken nothing away from needing to use my html, php, and css coding skills. If anything, it has made their use more important for differentiating the pages I create with Elementor from primarily drag and drop users.

I have found the forums both useful and interesting, just as I find all the Stack Exchange forums interesting and useful. Then recently I had an opportunity to post both some “helpful” information in response to another members question and an opinion about vanilla WordPress View Packages aka themes.

I didn’t get flamed but some of the comments I got were interesting. So I checked their posting site. I cracked up. 🙄 They were posting political crap (IMHO, of course) that were as antagonistic to my WeltAnschauung  as the way the represented their perception of WordPress development. CSN.

As I have said. I love Elementor but it doesn’t make WordPress a WIX, WEEBLY, PageBuilder, Squarspace, or Similar. A beauty of WordPress to me is that it is a toolkit that makes it easier for me to develop great websites for people and leave them able to manage, update and extend those sights on their own. Elementor is just a fantastic addition to that Toolkit.