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Best In Class WordPress Developer
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The one thing that using Elementor has done for me is expose me to interesting comments, posts, questions and answers from the different kinds of WordPress Developers. There is no generally accepted differentiation but the five different types of WordPress Developers outlined in this article or the 7 different types outlined in that article give you a good indication of where WordPress developers place people.


Before Elementor came to the market, I had pretty much the same general opinion of those WordPress Developers who heavily use Page Builders as Pippin Williamson has of the plugins themselves. Of course, that article is extensive and concludes with an endorsement of three pagebuilders that I still don’t care for. I’m an Elementor fan and expect that they will address Pippin’s issues as Ben Pines has said in response to questions about Pippin’s critique. 


In general, IMO, Pippin correctly states that they exist because the market demands them. More to the point from this post, there are types of WordPress Developers that demand and often need them. They are the Designer Developer, Business Developer, the Rookie and the Trainee. Clearly, in order to be “best in class” within this group of developers, you need a powerful tool that gives the coding novice the ability to create the same kind of beautiful pages that a skilled coder can code.


Prior to Elementor, I would have classified myself as a good WordPress Professional. I was neither great nor best in class for one reason, the time it took me to hand code the custom template pages and custom css.


Here’s where Elementor is a game changer and deserves to be one of the top choices on Pippin’s list. It gives the talented WordPress Coder Developer a tool to create fabulous pages fast. Pippin’s main critique revolves around shortcodes. That makes perfect sense to me because Pippin is a prolific shortcode based plugin developer. Of course that needs to be fixed, and, according to Ben Pines, the fix is coming up fast!


I have spent years learning to effectively use html, css, php, WordPress functions and JavaScript. The beauty, IMO, of Elementor is that all of those skills can be put to use with the Elementor UI tools, inline elements with css within modules, styles.css in child themes and tweaks to any pagebuilder.php template file.

Being able to put all that together is what makes a WordPress Developer like me a Best In Class WordPress Professional Developer.




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