What’s it all about, Devy?

I’m enjoying the power to create beautiful high $ designer look pages with Elementor. But when I read the article New Era For Designers? Why Designers Should Stop Relying on Developers I felt like I was betraying my fellow developers by liking it so much. 😒

Then I thought back on my last 16 years of experience as a “developer” as well as a “designer” and a marketing executive relying on developers. I thought about how many times between 2003 and 2014 Java, Ruby and ASP developers dissed both PHP and especially WordPress. They were wrong.

The song What’s it all about Alfie with the twist What’s it all about, Devy?  (developer in case you didn’t get it 😎)

What’s a song about? Expressing emotion and evoking emotion. What’s a website all about? Representing content and delivering content. What makes either “hit home”. How nice the presentation is and how easy it is to understand.

IMHO it’s all about making something beautiful that has an impact – and for clients – cost effectively! I suppose there was a time when the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor was seen as a crutch for those that can’t write code. It wasn’t. Similarly, I’ve come to believe that neither are Page Builders. But to date, I haven’t wanted to regularly use any particular page builder and have often talked clients into dropping themes that use embedded versions of page builders because they oftent break with a WordPress update.


I don’t feel that way about Elementor. Not only is it solidly easy to use but the style and advanced options allow us to use much of the knowledge we have gained from coding websites, particulary in the use of CSS.

I’ve come to a different conclusion, instead of New Era For Designers? Why Designers Should Stop Relying on Developers, I think it is New Era For Developers to Become Developer-Designers with Elementor!   



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