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The Path to Becoming a Top WordPress Developer

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more crap from sites that clients bring to me because they are unhappy with them. I am also really tired of the garbage that GoDaddy, Fatcow, Bluehost and others load into WordPress when someone choses their “WordPress Hosting” option. Of course I have to live with it because I have to help the client not myself. 😎 My life would be so much easier if clients would come to me first and let me help them get setup on Namecheap Value Hosting. On the other hand, the good news, is that having Elementor in my tool kit is making it so much easier to clean up the crap and the garbage.


Elementor is a game changer and deserves to be in every competent developers toolkit. Back when MS Word became available, I was a power WordPerfect user. Man, I knew every key combo shortcut there was. I didn’t need no stinken graphical user interface! Yeah, 95% of the potential audience for this blogpost will have no idea what WordPerfect is. I was wrong.


Similarly, I was wrong, IMHO, about WordPress PageBuilders, now that Elementor has arrived.


The vast majority of good WordPress developers are competent scratch website coders.  I spent years learning to effectively use html, css, php, WordPress functions and JavaScript to build websites. The beauty, IMO, of Elementor is that all of those skills can be put to use within the Elementor UI tools, inline elements with css within modules, styles.css in child themes and tweaks to any pagebuilder.php template file.


Similarly, Elementor allows me to use those skills more efficiently because it creates the basic code fast and I only have to enhance it. The result, stunning beautiful sites in hours, not days. I complete sites like Avetabiomics in hours.


That is what people are looking for in a Top WordPress Developer.