WordPress Designers as Developers

Yes! I'm a Great WordPress Designer!

Sometimes a blog post is difficult to write because I don’t want to offend anyone. 

The last several months I’ve been supporting some WordPress site “designers”. I already made a post about WordPress “Developers” where both of the sites I reference talk about “designers”, people who can use WordPress but are not expert at HTML, CSS and have no clue about PHP or how WordPress Functions work.

I love these people and I try my best to help them be successful. Why?

Because WordPress is supposed to be a platform that anyone, without any education in html, css, php, or JavaScript can use to develope websites. So if you get really good at developing your own websites, why not, once you are good at it on your own, sell help!?!

You should. But…..

Oh well. I spent years 

  • learning to write html websites
  • learning to use JavaScript and jQuery
  • learning CSS
  • learning PHP
  • creating custom WordPress themes.

And after all of that I was, very, very good. I was still hesitant to launch a WordPress business because of the so-called Imposter Syndrome.

So, IMHO, it is OK for anyone who is a solid, good, graphical user interface WordPress user to sell sight developement as a service. But it is not ok to advertise your skills as expert.